Dear Angel,

Can I live without talking with you? I know that it’s one of the silliest question I am asking from myself. But still can I? You know what, it isn’t hard for me, I think it’s impossible. It’s not that I won’t try to live; it’s just that for the first time in my life I don’t want to give it a try. Because I know that the more I will try to do so the more it will hurt me. The more it will hurt me, the more it will hurt you. And I cannot even hurt you in my dreams let alone the reality.
I don’t know what I want to do. Whenever I try to get some sleep I just think about you and Sleep tends to run away from me, If however I manage to sleep somehow then after waking up all I want is to run away from here and hug you, lift you in my arms and sometimes put my head on your shoulders. Frankly speaking, I miss you every passing second of my day. I want to focus on my Studies but I just can’t do it. I wait for your call every time I wish to close my eyes in fact every night I spend writing about you in my Diary – the thing which you had asked me to do whenever I would want to talk with you. The fact is that I want to talk with you everyday and I have mentioned everything in my every Diary entry just like this or maybe I think it’s a letter. I may sound a bit boring as most of the Diary entry contain same ‘Miss you’ paragraphs but I can’t think of anything else. I miss everything about you, your sweet voice , the way you would bask in the sun while looking at me, the way you would pass with your friends while your face never gazed away from me, the way you will be happy just after seeing me, the way you would ask me to choose the dress for you, the way you would try hard to look beautiful and that too only for me, the way you won’t attend the school in my absence, the way you care about me, the way you would come out with those beautiful nicknames every day especially that word ‘Sweetu’, I can’t explain how amazing you sound when you call me that.

Let me tell you one thing my Chocolate: No matter how far I am from you but my love for you will always keep on increasing irrespective of whether my heart is pumping or not. I can’t imagine my Life without you. Oh! my sweetheart Please come closer to me I am missing you very much, much and more than you can imagine and never let me go away from you. I wish I could wipe this distance between us and make our paths leading towards the same destination.


Check out the reply of this letter from the girl’s side titled as From her to me.


26 thoughts on “Dear Angel

  1. Sometimes Love can only be written down in form of words. And you did the work nicely. Thanks for sharing your piece of love. Goes to my favorites.

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  2. I have never seen such a simple yet attractive work in my life. It not only tell my feelings but it have done much more to me. I am looking forward to see your work. Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I didn’t knew you had such good writing skills….. and thanks for writing my feelings…. hahahaha…
    keep it up…
    five star..

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