Dear Sweetu, 

I know that you are hurt and that too badly. I have gone through your letter at least 9 times since I got it  and every time  I read it, I see you standing in front of me and looking at my face just like you would  always do. I know that it’s hard for you but it’s hard for me too. I think God is asking us to walk through a test before gifting us  the same path to our destination. But if this is what God wants then we have to hold on. We have to believe in the fact that ‘The string of our Love is so strong that if the whole world unite and try to break it, we won’t let it  go.’ You remember na! You used to say that “Our Love is the purest thing I have ever witnessed”. 

I am trying hard to keep myself busy and not to think of  you because whenever I think about you my eyes start welling up and the salty liquid starts flowing out from them. You wanted  me to remain Happy even in my hard times that’s what I am trying to do right now. But how can I be happy when you are so sad? If you want  me to be happy then  firstly you have to pass  that sweet smile every time you would read this letter (I know you are going to read it many times). I don’t want to hurt you more by telling you about how much I’ve  missed you. I am just sending  you the Poem which you wrote for me. I am  sorry because I can’t write that good. So, I have to send your poem to you only. Keep smiling my Sweetu. I love you.

I may leave this world but I’ll never leave you,

Coz you are my Angel and I am nowhere without you

The first time I met you on the stage,

Believe me Dear I can scribble you down in a page

We hosted a show. Do you remember?

Oh! how can you forget it; it must be there in your heart’s chamber

From that day onward we gazed at each other,

Still knowing that the distance was too far to cover

You have taught me the Definition of Love,

For me Baby you are no less than a Dove

Your single look can shine me bright,

Hey! Sweetheart I wanna hold you tight

We talk every night, we talk every day,

Still knowing the fact that we have nothing to say

Your hairs are the one which engulf me in you,

I may leave this world but I’ll never leave you

If you are there with me then I have nothing to fear,

I can bear anything except your tears

I request you my Love, to never fade away your smile,

I can walk with you for thousand miles

You are my cure, you are my pain,

You have loved me so much that now I am drained

All I have in my Life is just you, you and you,

Coz you are my Princess and I am nowhere without you. 

©Rajat malik



Check out the letter Dear Angel which was sent by the boy to her Angel and get to know the full situation.


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