My dearest Angel,

I miss you, my Darling, as I always do, but today is really hard because it’s my Angel’s birthday today. Today my eyes are not allowing me to doze off to sleep and see you in my dreams instead of that they want to see you and that too in reality. But how can I convince them? How can I say that it’s impossible? Because nothing is impossible, that’s what we are taught since birth.

Right now I am sitting beside the chocolate cake which I made with my own hands for you. My eyes are constantly staring at the photo which we took on your last birthday. As I drift off to the past all I could see is you. The same round face with a mole on your upper lip, the same smile which you would always pass it to me, just to make me happy irrespective of how sad you were, the same long hairs which would engulf me in you. My eyes start welling up when I think about you. I don’t know why but the more I try to keep myself busy the more I am reminded about you.

Yesterday I heard from you, I mean from the recording which I made once of our phone call. I hope you remember it. I am here to love you, to held you in my arms, to gift you my life if that’s possible, to wipe away your sadness even if I went in trouble. It’s been a long time since I heard from you last, I hope you are fine; you must be, because all I pray from God is to keep you happy.

I have nothing to give you on your birthday except my never ending Love- something which only you can receive from me and a poem which I somehow tried to write while my tears cooperated with me.

You can escape from my life but not your dreams,

Your shadow can run away but not your dreams

Every morning I open my eyes I want you to ring my doorbell,

Every night I close them I want to hold you like a shell

You do the things I have never done,

You are my moon and you are my sun

You bring me up when I’m feeling down,

Baby! I wanna gift you my Love’s crown

Your absence have torn me apart,

I can’t fix myself because you’re too far

But still I will say that I am fine,

Just hold me in your arms one more time





36 thoughts on “Not your Dreams

    1. This means a lot to me…..when someone praise your work it feels like you are on the top of everything……actually I just write everything from my heart. It doesn’t matter after how many days I write but when I write I assure that it touches my heart and may be that’s why you liked it too…..

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