With the huge backpacks I got down from the slowly halting train. My naked eyes were busy in searching for the Ticket checker everywhere like a Virus trying to enter the loophole of a computer. One single thing missed from my eyes would’ve cost me around 500 bucks which unfortunately I didn’t had at that time, and that’s why I was travelling without ticket, I guess. With huge difficulties I managed to bid goodbye to the Railway station. The Taxis standing outside the station were enough to remind me that finally I had entered my hometown after exactly 163 days.

I started searching for her in the parking area and due to the good cooperation of my eyes it didn’t cost me much time to notice her. But just as I saw her sitting on the scooty I was dumbstruck. I myself didn’t know how much I had waited for this moment. Though I captured that moment in my memory but a Camera would’ve been better which I didn’t had at that time. Her clothes didn’t make her look nicer but she made the clothes look nicer with her never ending beauty.

‘Hi Bhaiya, how are you’, she said and hugged me. The warmth of her soul sent a shivering down my spine. After around five months I had hugged someone so close to my heart.

Missing her?  She too misses you. See it yourself.

After igniting the engine to life we started for our home. The roads and the buildings of the city started fading away as I went back to my past. The past which held the memories of us as a child; which can never be wiped away. People go away from life, memories don’t. She had been my best companion since the time she came on this earth just two hours before me. From the time I got low grades or got dumped by my girlfriend, she had been there to share my pain. Your good time will never tell you about your well wishers but your bad time will. She is and will be the most precious thing for me. She had helped me to cross every hurdle of my life. Yes! We fought over silly things like for a chocolate but our love for each others increased every passing second. Not everyone in this life get the love of a sister. It’s rather a fact that I have got the best companion of my life which I never want to loose not even to a God. The best thing I like about my sister is the fact that she is too caring. I remember every line of the poem which I composed for her when she started teaching the Orphans.

Shining stars with the bluish colored sky,

Making her feel like she wanted to fly

Her birth wasn’t a usual thing,

Everyone wondered whether she was going to be the king

But how can a girl be a king?

Because she is supposed to wear a ring

She started her life as a normal child,

Thinking of dreams in which she would glide

As other girls her life consisted of Doll,

Or maybe sometime she used to play with ‘cricket ball’

Later she dedicated her life to teach the world,

Helping others to realize their dream of becoming the bird

I wish that God should send some more Angles like her,

For she belongs to the world and the world to her.




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