29 September,

Dear diary,

When things change it doesn’t hurt much but when people changes, it do. It really do. Six months have passed since we talked last and those six months seems like a lifetime. It seems like a part of me is lost for the rest of my life; a part of me which she took away from me, and unfortunately I can’t get it back. Maybe I don’t want to or maybe that part is only meant for her.

But you know what I saw her today when I was coming back from a friend’s party. Although without her the party was boring but then I noticed her in the market, seeking help from her mother in buying something. They say that when you meet someone whom you love deeply, your heartbeat accelerates. And believe me my heartbeat was at its peak. I went pale and I don’t know why my legs refused to move further. I felt like I found something which I had lost thousands of years ago, something which I was striving for, since I don’t know when. I felt like I met the half of me which she had taken away with her. I couldn’t decide what to do next. I noticed that she was happy or maybe she was just pretending to be. And then she noticed me looking at her blankly. Our eyes locked and something like a message was being exchanged between our hearts. She kept looking at me like the whole world don’t exist for her and I was the only destination of her life. She passed a smile like indicating me that she was happy and she wanted me to do the same. But how can I tell her that I can’t? Not until those memories of her wipe away from my heart and the true thing is that memories last forever. At least for me they do.

My hands don’t want to stop without writing a song or a poem for her and here it goes.

I want to hold you close,

I want you in my arms

I wanna spend my life with you.

You are my everything,

You are my Angel,

You are the only one I know

Just hold me in your arms tonight,

Love me coz nothing is alright

It’s paining; it’s paining coz I don’t know why

But I don’t wanna say you goodbye

You are the pain which can’t be cured,

Except of course, without the remedy of yours

Stay with me, stay with me tonight

And hold me in your arms tonight

It’s paining; it’s paining coz I don’t know why

But I don’t wanna say you goodbye

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18 thoughts on “Don’t wanna say you goodbye

  1. everytym I go through ur stories nd article…..I feel like I should also jump in the well of love….bt there is no-one to fall….
    bt I loved it…sentimental

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Only love can break a heart and only love can mend it again. You expressed your feelings very well. I can feel your pain. Now comes the growth as a writer. Put your heart and head into all you write. Excellent!

    Liked by 1 person

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