Settled. Indians love this word more than their life. We don’t want to hit the ground, we don’t want to climb the mountains, but we want to be so called ‘settled’. Probably that’s the easiest way for us, that’s the thing which we’ve inherited from our parents and it’s not our fault if it’s present in our genes. But the problem arises when we too want to pass on these genes to our next generation.

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We don’t study for knowledge, we study for a well ‘settled’ life, to get a good job, have an ideal wife (you know what ‘ideal’ means to us, someone who help us in passing our inherited genes and that too without forcefully), have children, and unfortunately we want our children to repeat the same process. Isn’t it what we can compare with the movie Matrix? We want to live in a controlled world, a world of boundaries, or precisely saying, a world of jealousy.

It seems like we’re sitting in the race of dumbest people where no one really knows the reason of this race. Surprising, isn’t it? Norway is found to be the happiest country in this world (according to World Happiness Report 2017), not because it’s the richest country but because they value human beings. They don’t prefer machines for their work, the people of Norway never really considered themselves to be a part of this dumbest race, and still they’re living peacefully, much and more than us, where India stood 122 in 155 countries.

I think that the problem lies in ourselves; we force our children to repeat the same process which we’ve gone through, we want them to follow us irrespective of what they really want to do, and above all, we want them to be settled. Can you imagine the world where the doctors are the one who wanted to be a singer, or writer, or painter? It would be no less than hell. I consider it as a crime, a crime against those innocents who can’t change anything and I think that we need to have a law against this, a law of freedom; freedom from others thinking. Aren’t the people following their interest settled? Well, I doubt over that when I look at Mark Zuckerberg, Chetan Bhagat, Steve jobs and much more people like them.


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I think that the time has come to change our mindset, to change the meaning of ‘settled’. The time has come to let our children follow their own dreams and not impose them with something which we want them to do, I am sure that the world would be a better and happier place if we let the people enjoy their own freedom.


13 thoughts on “Settled or Freedom

  1. Its really great & thoughtful………I totally agree wid u. We should follow our dreamz & enjoy the lyf in such world which hav no boundaries, no competition & no jealousy factor exists.Alwayz be positive & happy in ur lyf……Well said Rajat !


  2. Here I agree with you. With changing times, evolving mindsets we too need to learn, change and accept according to the needs of coming generation. This stressful life needs to be changed and for a change we should live for being happy instead of getting settled. Great writing Rajat 👍

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  3. We said. All we want is to settle. I guess first few generations had to struggle a lot. We have not seen a lot of easy life. I guess instinct tells us to settle. Like thrifty gene that wants to store every thing we eat as fat for future.

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    1. Maybe not. Because there are things which are not inherited, like your thinking, your views, your opinion etc. I guess they all depends on our experience, and experience comes from what we see around us, what we hear.


      1. If one sees hardship all around, then they are conditioned in a different way. Compared to those who have seen not much poverty from childhood. Everything cannot be genetic. There is effect of conditioning also. And if we are talking of genes, genes can be induced also.


  4. here iam for the frst time nd some where i read that frst imprsn is the last imprsn ……I felt merier reading it …that’s a true one ✌


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