So, here’s the deal. Deal? I mean really? Yeap.

“Humans do every single thing for their own benefit.”

Isn’t it true? Well, go back to that day when you gave that poor person some money so that he don’t have to sleep hungry at night. Now you would ask, ‘Have I done this for my own benefit?’ Yes, you have. Do you remember what that old person gave you back? He gave you blessings. From your past experiences, you knew that if you would help him then his blessings will help you too. Now ask yourself the same question. Yes, you got it right. You did it to get the poor person’s blessings; you did it because it gave you inner satisfaction.

Here’s the next point. People may offend me now but it’s the reality.

A father wants his children to be successful or precisely, to earn a lot of dollars. Why does he want it? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Surely, he wants it because he wants you to be happy, and here’s the harsh reality, he wants it so that you may help him when he becomes old. Whose benefit?

Well, it’s natural. It’s not our fault. It’s just the reality which we find hard to accept. It’s true that we do every single thing for our own benefit or maybe not just we, I guess every single species is designed that way.

A girl loves a boy or a boy loves a girl so much that he is willing to do anything for her, some cases even leading to death. Well, it’s not madness, that’s the only way to get emotional pleasure. In a country like India where the society doesn’t let the two lovers unite, they have to go to heaven thinking that maybe in that world they will be allowed to live together. Here the emotional pleasure can be counted as a benefit.

So, here’s the deal. Deal? I mean really? Yeap. Every single thing is a deal, a deal with yourself, a deal with the whole world.

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12 thoughts on “For our own benefit

  1. I do believe that most of the actions we do are partly for a potential benefit we might get in the end even though it is sometimes masked with “out of the goodness of your heart”, but I do believe that in some instances this may not be the case. I was taught that you do things a certain way because they are just the right thing to do without visualizing a compensation for it. I don’t mean huge things, I mean things such as giving your seat in the bus or train to someone who may need it more than you, or such even if you really didn’t want to, it’s just plays as an automatic response that has been taught, to many, since a young age. I may be incorrect because things like this do give an emotional ease and satisfaction to some as they recognize they’ve done a good deed, but I don’t see them as good deeds that we need to do, rather a individual decision.

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    1. Well the question still arises: What is behind that individual decision? May be inner satisfaction. According to me, we do it because we feel good after doing that, we feel satisfied that atleast we’ve helped someone. Yes It is the right thing but everything have its own reason in this world. You may not think of the benefit it’ll give you but I guess our mind is too clever, it doesn’t even let us know that we’re doing it for our own benefit.
      P.S.-It’s just what I think and you don’t have to agree with me, if you don’t feel like to.

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      1. No worries, I understand the point you are trying to make and your reasoning. We all see things different and put a different meaning on things, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. If we didn’t question such things or saw them from different perspectives, the purpose would be defeated.

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  2. I disagree with your logic for when we see someone in pain being a human we empathise and feel bad for them and see their suffering as unjustified and end up helping them without seeking a personal benefit. A parent always wishes that their kids don’t have to face the harsher side of life as they did and want a smooth sailing for them. No personal interest et all. Even if kids are working with MNC and living a financially previlaged life, parents are living alone in their hometown yet they are happy for their kids and proud of their achievements so I disagree or maybe you have seen other side of life or dealt with people with different perspective.

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    1. I just wrote what I heard from my history teacher once, in fact, one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen. And, talking about the article, when we help someone we might not seek any personal benefit but we know about it from our past experiences. Haven’t you seen parents teaching their children that they should help people because they would bless them for that noble cause? Our unconscious mind knows everything. Each and every experience of yours, whether good or bad is etched in your mind and it uses it at the right time. Okay, think of a bad situation, suppose you and a poor person are stuck up in a room. You have got a choice; you can only save one amongst you. Who would that be? I guess that’s where we’ll understand that we, for ourselves, are the most important human being ever born in our life.
      Second point, Yes! I’ve seen parents telling their children to strive for good jobs, of course from the way you see it, they do it so that the children settle and enjoy a good life but here’s the catch: Even if it’s better for their kids but it’s good for their parents too. What parents really want from their kids is to just give them a happy life when they become old because of all the sacrifice they’ve made in their lifetime for their children. It is right too. They should expect what they want.
      P.S.- Maybe I’ve seen life from a different perspective but I hope I made myself clear.


      1. Fighting for survival is a different concept than helping others or being empathetic about their suffering. And as for kids and parents, everyone wants growth for themselves and their families. Though I understand your point clearly too and I respect that but I disagree

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      2. You’ve got a point. Fighting for survival is definitely a different concept but it was just an example. Although everyone have different way to look at things. Felt good to know how you think about this. 🙂

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    2. It’s not really a one-way thing. Like you said, ‘depends’ on perspectives…doesn’t mean the two angles are wrong. It doesn’t have to be ‘seeking a benefit’, but one way or the other, we benefit, blessings, satisfaction of doing good or making someone happy, etc…and over time, we definitely want this ‘highs’…even if it isn’t in the chase of ‘personal interests’. A parent might not necessarily want monetary gains from the child[ren], but we can’t deny the joy and thrill they get when their kids graduate, get jobs, etc…well, it’s a thrill…thrills are benefits. #smiles

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