The diary of Love is a small attempt from my side to teach the definition of Love to this world. Often we get confused about Love. Love is the thing due to which the world is still moving ahead till today. The day ‘Love’ will vanish from this earth will be the last day of this World. Love is not simple to understand, it’s not complicated, it’s just what we need to know, something which we need to share with our friends, fellows, children, society, family, parents and if possible to the higher level. On this blog, I will share my poems, stories, articles written by me along with some songs on Love and I will make it sure that it will touch your Heart. I hope it will help you in not only for being a better citizen but for being a person who is Loved by all. Share my work if you feel like it’s worth sharing. Always remember that together we can do a bit to save this simple or may be the typical word ‘Love’ to vanish from this Earth. ♥♥♥

If you want to gift any of my poems, songs or anything else to your loved ones you are free to do it after informing me through the contact form provided below.

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