Ban on Crackers is a temporary solution, not permanent

Ban on Crackers is a temporary solution, not permanent

So yeah, now that things are taking a turn let’s discuss something important, something different, something which needs to be discussed and as of today something which should be the topmost priorities of ours.

I start today’s discussion with a few simple questions: When was the last time you did something for our environment? When was the last time you covered that one mile distance by feet just to protect our environment? Or to protect the forthcoming generation from breathing in the unfortunate air in New Delhi or your own city?

I guess you can’t remember that. Well, don’t worry because you aren’t the only one out there.

With just a few days left for the biggest festival of India, the ban on firecrackers by Supreme Court (highest judicial forum of India) things are actually heating up in New Delhi or rather I’d say in the whole nation. There are millions of supporters of this ban and equally criticizers. However, I want to point out a few things which contributed the most to this ban, where we went wrong and what, in reality, needs to be done.

  • Firstly, as the common tradition goes let’s dip our hands in the pool of our Governments. This is for sure that if the government would’ve taken certain measures then this wouldn’t have happened. Although, the Government of Delhi came out with the Odd-Even formula but Delhiites refused to accept it and it just went neglected. The opposition, in search of votes, condemned this formula and it ultimately led us to what it is today. I’m not putting the whole blame on the people because the formula was a bit off-strike. So, yes! We need to make rules in a way which are acceptable and give direct benefits to the people of Delhi.
  • Here comes the most important one, the ban took place because of the people of Delhi. If they would’ve done something to stop degrading our environment, this wouldn’t have happened. Yes! I’m blaming all of you. If the Delhiites would’ve gone with the Car Pool option or stopped using ACs even for a single day in a week (according to the preference of the people) then I guess things would’ve been better. Now, some of you might say that how can I connect the bursting of crackers with the ‘convenience’ of people? Because cars or even ACs are for the comfort of people whereas the crackers just degrade our environment, right? But, you know what, your children get a single festival in the whole year (Yes! This one is their favourite) and due to your so-called ‘convenience’ they can’t celebrate this day too. And yet you say you love them. Just wait a second. I know what your next question is: Is Diwali only about crackers? Oh yes! It is. For those children it’s only about crackers, they don’t know about the story of Rama returning back to Ayodha, and they don’t even want to. They have their whole life in front of them to listen to that story but right now it’s just about crackers because nothing gives them the same happiness as crackers do. So, next time you better think of the environment you’re living in and start limiting your ‘convenience’.
  • Now comes for the Supreme Court. I think the Supreme Court is forgetting that there are eco-friendly crackers too. Also, it would’ve been better if the decision would’ve come a few days before.
  • Whatever I’m going to say now have not contributed anything to this ban but it’s important. Dear readers, People don’t burn crackers every day but they do travel to their office. So now you know what should be held responsible and what needs to be changed. If you want your children to breathe in a fresh air, if you want to give them a better future and a better life then firstly give them a clean environment. And, this isn’t going to happen in a single day. Just because you’ve stopped bursting crackers on Diwali doesn’t mean that you’ve made a bigger change. If you want a bigger change, ask yourself. The ban on crackers is a temporary solution. So, what’s the permanent one? Ask yourself what you’re doing on a consistent basis to our environment. Reflect on your life for a few moments and you’ll get to know the answer.

Humans do every single thing for their own benefit. Ain’t believe that? Prove me wrong.

What do you think? Let’s discuss it in the comments below.


Let’s connect

Let’s connect

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Settled or Freedom

Settled or Freedom

Settled. Indians love this word more than their life. We don’t want to hit the ground, we don’t want to climb the mountains, but we want to be so called ‘settled’. Probably that’s the easiest way for us, that’s the thing which we’ve inherited from our parents and it’s not our fault if it’s present in our genes. But the problem arises when we too want to pass on these genes to our next generation.

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We don’t study for knowledge, we study for a well ‘settled’ life, to get a good job, have an ideal wife (you know what ‘ideal’ means to us, someone who help us in passing our inherited genes and that too without forcefully), have children, and unfortunately we want our children to repeat the same process. Isn’t it what we can compare with the movie Matrix? We want to live in a controlled world, a world of boundaries, or precisely saying, a world of jealousy.

It seems like we’re sitting in the race of dumbest people where no one really knows the reason of this race. Surprising, isn’t it? Norway is found to be the happiest country in this world (according to World Happiness Report 2017), not because it’s the richest country but because they value human beings. They don’t prefer machines for their work, the people of Norway never really considered themselves to be a part of this dumbest race, and still they’re living peacefully, much and more than us, where India stood 122 in 155 countries.

I think that the problem lies in ourselves; we force our children to repeat the same process which we’ve gone through, we want them to follow us irrespective of what they really want to do, and above all, we want them to be settled. Can you imagine the world where the doctors are the one who wanted to be a singer, or writer, or painter? It would be no less than hell. I consider it as a crime, a crime against those innocents who can’t change anything and I think that we need to have a law against this, a law of freedom; freedom from others thinking. Aren’t the people following their interest settled? Well, I doubt over that when I look at Mark Zuckerberg, Chetan Bhagat, Steve jobs and much more people like them.


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I think that the time has come to change our mindset, to change the meaning of ‘settled’. The time has come to let our children follow their own dreams and not impose them with something which we want them to do, I am sure that the world would be a better and happier place if we let the people enjoy their own freedom.