Are you afraid of falling? Well, most of us are. But, here’s the thing: Don’t be afraid of falling, if you’ve got the guts, if you’ve got to do it, then just grab your ass and go for it. No matter what. Not for others, but for yourself because at the end of the day no one is going to end up his/her life in your coffin.

Yeah, your family love you, your friends love you but don’t you love yourself? Well, you do. You love yourself more than anything or anyone else in this world. And, it’s not selfishness, it’s just that you’re being yourself. And, in today’s world there are only a few people who love being themselves.

Feeling low? Here’s a link to a blog post which will lift you up.

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Let’s connect

Let’s connect

Every single person in this world needs to get connected with each other. And that’s why I have decided to make this page available for everyone. Every human being whether he is a 70-year-old or a teen, whether he is a beginner in blogging or an expert, whether he belongs to Asia or Africa, it doesn’t matter, he is allowed to write with me or specifically with us.

We have the same blood running in our veins then why our culture or our values makes us different?

I have seen people who charge new bloggers for posting on their blog. But here you’ve got a chance to start something new, something creative, something which you’ll love. It’ll give you a chance to explore other people’s work as well as share your thoughts with new bloggers. You’ve got a chance to get reviews from people like you, which matters a lot and every single thing is free here. Every submitted piece will be published provided it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings or beliefs. You don’t need to acquire any eligibility criteria to join our family. All you have to do is submit your work and wait for your chance.

Don’t stay cross-handed.

Be free because

you’re part of a new family.

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