An urge for you

FeaturedAn urge for you

I looked at her profile picture again,
Wishing that I could hold her when it rains
Two years have passed since I felt this way,
She came with sunshine and showed me the way
Deep down inside, I had an urge,
An urge to tell her
An urge to ask her to stay

But I feared,
Because maybe she’d consider me to be the same,
The same person who just ditch others for their sake

How would I tell her that I wasn’t anyone among them,
I cared for her, and I’d stand for her like no other man

Maybe she won’t even see this,
Maybe she won’t ever feel like this
But love is just like that,
You can’t force anyone and yes, that’s a fact
This poem is not ended, just like my words
I’ll just admire her today, just like the birds…

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Even in my hardest time

Even in my hardest time

How would I tell you,
the words craved in my heart?
How would I make you,
feel the way I do?
Coz I am the one who hurt you a lot,
But I’m the one who love you the most
And baby when the stars will shine,
N everything becomes all right
Would you stand with me,
Even in my hardest times?

Standing beside you make me feel small,
I’ll never play with you like my cricket ball
Every single time I look in your eyes,
I see my world shining too much bright
I have a fear of loosing my world,
Coz when the shine goes away,
you know it hurts

But baby will you still love me,
Like the way you do today?
Will you still hold me like every other day?
And baby when the stars will shine,
N everything becomes all right
Would you stand with me,
Even in my hardest times?

Coz baby no one care for me the way you do,
No one can love me the way you do
Then how would I make you feel small,
Coz you aren’t just my cricket ball.

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May you live long

May you live long

Beautiful face along with splendid eyes,

A mole on your lip and me in your life

Even nature seems dark in front of you,

Even the moon becomes sun just because of you

The smell of your soul lifts me up high,

Your memories make my throat went dry

Coz ‘there was something’ or maybe ‘there is something’,

Which we share with us without even a single ring

You have the power to complete my life,

Never break this string with a blunt knife

People talk about us; let them do,

It’s you that matters; none other than you

Let me embrace the pain of yours,

Let me shower in the love of yours

Smile hath for me for you’re too strong,

May you live with me, may you live long.

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I love you

I love you

When I saw you the first time,

I knew that you weren’t mine

Still while sitting in the class I would adore you sometime,

And think of dreams in which you would be mine

Seeing you laugh would make me feel happy,

To satisfy myself I would see your photo in my lappy

Crazy I was and crazy was my dream,

I loved your face even without any sort of cream

While sitting in the bus you would struggle with your hair,

I wish I would’ve told you how much I care

Time has passed now while gifting me nothing,

I regret till today of not asking you anything

I was afraid at that time, I don’t know why,

When you went away I didn’t even bid you Goodbye

My arms are still open only for you,

And today I have the courage to say I Love You

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