Let’s connect

Let’s connect

Every single person in this world needs to get connected with each other. And that’s why I have decided to make this page available for everyone. Every human being whether he is a 70-year-old or a teen, whether he is a beginner in blogging or an expert, whether he belongs to Asia or Africa, it doesn’t matter, he is allowed to write with me or specifically with us.

We have the same blood running in our veins then why our culture or our values makes us different?

I have seen people who charge new bloggers for posting on their blog. But here you’ve got a chance to start something new, something creative, something which you’ll love. It’ll give you a chance to explore other people’s work as well as share your thoughts with new bloggers. You’ve got a chance to get reviews from people like you, which matters a lot and every single thing is free here. Every submitted piece will be published provided it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings or beliefs. You don’t need to acquire any eligibility criteria to join our family. All you have to do is submit your work and wait for your chance.

Don’t stay cross-handed.

Be free because

you’re part of a new family.

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For our own benefit

For our own benefit

So, here’s the deal. Deal? I mean really? Yeap.

“Humans do every single thing for their own benefit.”

Isn’t it true? Well, go back to that day when you gave that poor person some money so that he don’t have to sleep hungry at night. Now you would ask, ‘Have I done this for my own benefit?’ Yes, you have. Do you remember what that old person gave you back? He gave you blessings. From your past experiences, you knew that if you would help him then his blessings will help you too. Now ask yourself the same question. Yes, you got it right. You did it to get the poor person’s blessings; you did it because it gave you inner satisfaction.

Here’s the next point. People may offend me now but it’s the reality.

A father wants his children to be successful or precisely, to earn a lot of dollars. Why does he want it? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Surely, he wants it because he wants you to be happy, and here’s the harsh reality, he wants it so that you may help him when he becomes old. Whose benefit?

Well, it’s natural. It’s not our fault. It’s just the reality which we find hard to accept. It’s true that we do every single thing for our own benefit or maybe not just we, I guess every single species is designed that way.

A girl loves a boy or a boy loves a girl so much that he is willing to do anything for her, some cases even leading to death. Well, it’s not madness, that’s the only way to get emotional pleasure. In a country like India where the society doesn’t let the two lovers unite, they have to go to heaven thinking that maybe in that world they will be allowed to live together. Here the emotional pleasure can be counted as a benefit.

So, here’s the deal. Deal? I mean really? Yeap. Every single thing is a deal, a deal with yourself, a deal with the whole world.

Image taken from- http://www.worldbank.org/




Settled or Freedom

Settled or Freedom

Settled. Indians love this word more than their life. We don’t want to hit the ground, we don’t want to climb the mountains, but we want to be so called ‘settled’. Probably that’s the easiest way for us, that’s the thing which we’ve inherited from our parents and it’s not our fault if it’s present in our genes. But the problem arises when we too want to pass on these genes to our next generation.

Taken from: http://www.settled.co.uk


We don’t study for knowledge, we study for a well ‘settled’ life, to get a good job, have an ideal wife (you know what ‘ideal’ means to us, someone who help us in passing our inherited genes and that too without forcefully), have children, and unfortunately we want our children to repeat the same process. Isn’t it what we can compare with the movie Matrix? We want to live in a controlled world, a world of boundaries, or precisely saying, a world of jealousy.

It seems like we’re sitting in the race of dumbest people where no one really knows the reason of this race. Surprising, isn’t it? Norway is found to be the happiest country in this world (according to World Happiness Report 2017), not because it’s the richest country but because they value human beings. They don’t prefer machines for their work, the people of Norway never really considered themselves to be a part of this dumbest race, and still they’re living peacefully, much and more than us, where India stood 122 in 155 countries.

I think that the problem lies in ourselves; we force our children to repeat the same process which we’ve gone through, we want them to follow us irrespective of what they really want to do, and above all, we want them to be settled. Can you imagine the world where the doctors are the one who wanted to be a singer, or writer, or painter? It would be no less than hell. I consider it as a crime, a crime against those innocents who can’t change anything and I think that we need to have a law against this, a law of freedom; freedom from others thinking. Aren’t the people following their interest settled? Well, I doubt over that when I look at Mark Zuckerberg, Chetan Bhagat, Steve jobs and much more people like them.


Taken from: http://more-sky.com


I think that the time has come to change our mindset, to change the meaning of ‘settled’. The time has come to let our children follow their own dreams and not impose them with something which we want them to do, I am sure that the world would be a better and happier place if we let the people enjoy their own freedom.

Let you free

Let you free

As you depart today, leaving me with nothing,

All I wanna say is that, take away that ring

Which you had gifted me on our first anniversary,

Because I am nothing to you and I’m setting you free

Life would’ve been much better,

If your lips wouldn’t have touched mine

I wish I could’ve made it smoother,

Without holding your hands in mine

It all will stay with me, even when you depart,

Who will hold me then, in his own cart?

Deeply I loved you, and that’s why you hurt me,

Because you knew for sure, that I’ll let you free

It’s your life, and of course, your choice,

My love will always accompany you, along with my voice.

love letter which will take you to the stars.

May you live long

May you live long

Beautiful face along with splendid eyes,

A mole on your lip and me in your life

Even nature seems dark in front of you,

Even the moon becomes sun just because of you

The smell of your soul lifts me up high,

Your memories make my throat went dry

Coz ‘there was something’ or maybe ‘there is something’,

Which we share with us without even a single ring

You have the power to complete my life,

Never break this string with a blunt knife

People talk about us; let them do,

It’s you that matters; none other than you

Let me embrace the pain of yours,

Let me shower in the love of yours

Smile hath for me for you’re too strong,

May you live with me, may you live long.

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Feminism: a word to understand

Feminism: a word to understand

Feminism. We all have heard this word but only a few understand the real meaning of it. Feminism is to give equal rights to women. And, from equal rights it implies equality at every point of women’s life. From understanding their feelings to letting them do the things which they want in life. Here are the most important things about women which I noted from Chetan Bhagat latest novel ‘One Indian girl’. This book describes the word ‘Feminism’ well.

 1. At times girls want to be wanted even when they deny it.


They want someone around them every time even though they pretend that they don’t want you. But believe me, they want your attention.

2. She wants you to involve in her happiness. 

~taken from wallpaperup.com

Like, if your girl gets a promotion or anything else like that then you need to praise her. Always remember that if she doesn’t see a smile on your face due to her achievement then the achievement doesn’t value much to her.Always remember that if she doesn’t see a smile on your face due to her achievement then the achievement doesn’t value much to her.

3. While having sex, make her feel like you’re actually loving her.

~taken from flickr.com

Now this sounds a bit confusing. So, the thing I want to say is that whenever you’re cuddling up in bed then you have to make her feel better by saying words like ‘you are too beautiful’, instead of using words like ‘you are fucking amazing’.

4. Girls don’t need a choice they need a chance.

~originally taken from 123rf.com

Imagine that you are forced to make a choice between your work which pays you well and a girl whom you love deeply. What would you feel then? But unfortunately, that’s what we do with the girls. We think that women can’t work in an office as well as look after her family. But wait for a second man. You’re living in the 21st century and here in developed countries women can do both of the things. So, why shouldn’t we let them do what they want to? Above all Psychology says, a women’s mind work better than men in handling the things. Hope you got what I want to say.

5. Girls always need a man to support and inspire her.

~originally taken from The Twilight Saga : Eclipse

 Remember that quote ‘There’s always a woman behind a man’s success’. This work for women too. A man who inspire and understand her well, that’s what a woman want from you.

6. Women hide her feelings to make others feel better.

~originally taken from womenshealthmag.com

Isn’t that what we see in our daily lives? Our mother or sister sacrifice many things for us. Why can’t we do the same for them? Because it comes under feminism too. Right?

7. Women just don’t want money. Above everything else, she wants those naughty children for whom she can do everything.

~originally taken from dreamstime.com

She isn’t as much interested in her job as she is interested in imagining her future with your little kids. Make her imagine the future in which your kids are present too. She doesn’t like her job as much as she loves you.

So, what do you think about Feminism? Do you support it? I think you should because above all Feminism is Humanism. It shows us how good we as a human being are. I would love to hear your views, share your views in the comments section.

Don’t wanna say you goodbye

Don’t wanna say you goodbye

29 September,

Dear diary,

When things change it doesn’t hurt much but when people changes, it do. It really do. Six months have passed since we talked last and those six months seems like a lifetime. It seems like a part of me is lost for the rest of my life; a part of me which she took away from me, and unfortunately I can’t get it back. Maybe I don’t want to or maybe that part is only meant for her.

But you know what I saw her today when I was coming back from a friend’s party. Although without her the party was boring but then I noticed her in the market, seeking help from her mother in buying something. They say that when you meet someone whom you love deeply, your heartbeat accelerates. And believe me my heartbeat was at its peak. I went pale and I don’t know why my legs refused to move further. I felt like I found something which I had lost thousands of years ago, something which I was striving for, since I don’t know when. I felt like I met the half of me which she had taken away with her. I couldn’t decide what to do next. I noticed that she was happy or maybe she was just pretending to be. And then she noticed me looking at her blankly. Our eyes locked and something like a message was being exchanged between our hearts. She kept looking at me like the whole world don’t exist for her and I was the only destination of her life. She passed a smile like indicating me that she was happy and she wanted me to do the same. But how can I tell her that I can’t? Not until those memories of her wipe away from my heart and the true thing is that memories last forever. At least for me they do.

My hands don’t want to stop without writing a song or a poem for her and here it goes.

I want to hold you close,

I want you in my arms

I wanna spend my life with you.

You are my everything,

You are my Angel,

You are the only one I know

Just hold me in your arms tonight,

Love me coz nothing is alright

It’s paining; it’s paining coz I don’t know why

But I don’t wanna say you goodbye

You are the pain which can’t be cured,

Except of course, without the remedy of yours

Stay with me, stay with me tonight

And hold me in your arms tonight

It’s paining; it’s paining coz I don’t know why

But I don’t wanna say you goodbye

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