Feminism: a word to understand

Feminism: a word to understand

Feminism. We all have heard this word but only a few understand the real meaning of it. Feminism is to give equal rights to women. And, from equal rights it implies equality at every point of women’s life. From understanding their feelings to letting them do the things which they want in life. Here are the most important things about women which I noted from Chetan Bhagat latest novel ‘One Indian girl’. This book describes the word ‘Feminism’ well.

 1. At times girls want to be wanted even when they deny it.


They want someone around them every time even though they pretend that they don’t want you. But believe me, they want your attention.

2. She wants you to involve in her happiness. 

~taken from wallpaperup.com

Like, if your girl gets a promotion or anything else like that then you need to praise her. Always remember that if she doesn’t see a smile on your face due to her achievement then the achievement doesn’t value much to her.Always remember that if she doesn’t see a smile on your face due to her achievement then the achievement doesn’t value much to her.

3. While having sex, make her feel like you’re actually loving her.

~taken from flickr.com

Now this sounds a bit confusing. So, the thing I want to say is that whenever you’re cuddling up in bed then you have to make her feel better by saying words like ‘you are too beautiful’, instead of using words like ‘you are fucking amazing’.

4. Girls don’t need a choice they need a chance.

~originally taken from 123rf.com

Imagine that you are forced to make a choice between your work which pays you well and a girl whom you love deeply. What would you feel then? But unfortunately, that’s what we do with the girls. We think that women can’t work in an office as well as look after her family. But wait for a second man. You’re living in the 21st century and here in developed countries women can do both of the things. So, why shouldn’t we let them do what they want to? Above all Psychology says, a women’s mind work better than men in handling the things. Hope you got what I want to say.

5. Girls always need a man to support and inspire her.

~originally taken from The Twilight Saga : Eclipse

 Remember that quote ‘There’s always a woman behind a man’s success’. This work for women too. A man who inspire and understand her well, that’s what a woman want from you.

6. Women hide her feelings to make others feel better.

~originally taken from womenshealthmag.com

Isn’t that what we see in our daily lives? Our mother or sister sacrifice many things for us. Why can’t we do the same for them? Because it comes under feminism too. Right?

7. Women just don’t want money. Above everything else, she wants those naughty children for whom she can do everything.

~originally taken from dreamstime.com

She isn’t as much interested in her job as she is interested in imagining her future with your little kids. Make her imagine the future in which your kids are present too. She doesn’t like her job as much as she loves you.

So, what do you think about Feminism? Do you support it? I think you should because above all Feminism is Humanism. It shows us how good we as a human being are. I would love to hear your views, share your views in the comments section.

Is this the end?

Is this the end?

Birds were chirping on their peak, the tree was busy in providing its mother like shadow to them and the whirls of the river was freshening up the calm morning. The ill deeds of the Homo sapiens had ruined their life and unfortunately they couldn’t do anything to stop it. Since the beginning of time the strongest one had ruled the earth and will continue to do so.

The rich scented flowers had lost their true charm since the mankind ruled over them. There was a time when they were the reason of freshening up the air but it seems like nobody care about them now except using them in Chemicals or in making Perfumes. Machines have changed everything, or maybe humans have made them to do so.

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‘How can humans be so mean? While exposing ourselves in the scorching sunlight we have gifted them our shadow, every single second we are there for them to provide them Oxygen, whenever they need us we sacrifice our branches so that they can make a good home for them or use anywhere they want to’, the tree thought while remembering the good old friends he lost due to in activities of humans.

Long back then it was a time when everything was so peaceful. The birds would wake the humans from their sleep, the fresh water would soothe their throat, the flowers would provide the life longing freshness which is hard to find now. It may be bitter but it’s true that the Human himself have called his end. It’s time to think. Otherwise the end is near…..

The scent of the flowers,

The chirping of birds,

Will be missed like hell

When everything will be replaced by machines,

And nothing in this world will ever be clean

Yes we’ve won; we’ve conquered the whole nature,

But it will be hard; hard to find even a single creature

When our children will question us about Nature,

Then maybe that day we won’t be able to give any answer

Because it would be us due to which our children will suffer,

I wish I could do anything to stop everyone from replenishing this Earth

All I have with me is a single plant and the whole of Earth,

For I have to take this step to save this Blue Planet

And I hope you all will come with me,

After finishing your work when you will be free

Because the birds have been singing to me that,

Our end is near, our end is near